Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to install Mac OS X Lion using USB drive?

Step -1. You Need to Restore Mac OS X Lion installation to your USB Drive
  • Boot into your existing Snow leopard.
  • Use a 8GB USB Drive to restore to USB and name it Lion.
  • Mount the image of Mac OS Lion (it’s a .dmg file) and then right click and show the package contents on the install file of Mac OS X and then Go to the SharedSupport folder and mount the image file InstallESD.dmg and then find and mount BaseSystem.dmg as well.
  • Open the Disk Utility folder and click on Lion and Partition then click restore tab and then Drag and drop the BaseSystem.dmg file to Source and Lion to Destination and then click restore.
  • Go to the USB partition (Restore drive) and then go to Systems –> Installation folder and then delete the Package shortcut.
  • Go to “Mac OS X Install ESD” and copy “Packages” folder and go back to restore drive and then paste.
  • Download the FakeSMC.kext file and copy to the “System -> Library -> Extentions” folder on USB drive and open Terminal.

Step-2. Install the XPC Bootloader.
  • Boot into your existing Snow leopard.
  • Download XPC Bootloader.
  • Insert a different 2GB USB Drive.
  • open “ XPC Boot Prepare Tool ” and install it to usb drive and then copy efi folder and Efildr20 file to USB drive.

Step-3. Install the Mac OS X Lion in your system.
  • Boot your computer via XPC Bootloader from your USB Drive.
  • Then Press “M” and set boot flags : arch=i386 -v and exit
  • Select your Lion or USB restore drive.
  • Once the installation loads, select your language and continue normal installtion of mac os x lion.

Step- 4. After the Installation of the mac os x lion is completed you need to follow the following steps.
  • Now first boot into your existing Snow leopard.
  • Then Go to Installed Mac OS X Lion Drive and Go to “System/Library/CoreServices” folder and delete PlatformSupport.plist file.
  • Copy the FakeSMC.Kext that you have downloaded to the “System/Library/Extensions” on the Installed Lion Drive.
  • Then Open the Terminal and type :
  • sudo -s
  • (password)
  • chown -R 0:0 (drag and drop Fakesmc.kext here) and press enter
  • chmod -R 755 (drag and drop Fakesmc.kext here) and press enter
  • Reboot and boot your computer from XPC Bootloader from the USB drive and select the Installed Lion partition and finally your Mac OS C Lion is installed.

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